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Dr. Cheryl Jackson-Golden Ph.D., MAS, cOUNSELOR-iN tRAINING (cit), cERTIFIED lIFE & sOLUTION-fOCUSED cOACH, Trauma-Informed MHPP



Cheryl grew up in Arkansas, received her undergraduate and Addiction Studies master’s degree from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and in 2013 received her doctorate of philosophy specializing in Human Services from the Capella University. Cheryl is a life & solution focused coach who combines life & solution-focused coaching with the principles of Kotter’s 8 step process and other effective change modalities. She is an Addictions Specialist, consultant, grant writer, trainer, and provides program evaluation services. She is currently an Arkansas Counselor-in-Training with the Arkansas Substance Abuse Certification Board. She has 10+ years in higher education as a Professor and in Administration. In 2013 she published her doctoral dissertation study “A Case Study: How Do Social And Academic Experiences Of African American Nontraditional Female Students On HBCU Campuses Influence Their Motivation To Graduate?” In 2014 a book chapter contributor entitled, “Their journey to the PhD: Stories of personal perseverance and academic achievement”. Founder of behavioral health initiatives for two institutions of higher education. Conference presenter on a local, state, national, and international platform.

Cheryl loves living a healthy holistic lifestyle and is obsessed with people taking action to make the most of every situation. Most notably, Cheryl was able to get through immense life crisis when she was forced to make a make life change during her mid - 30’s. This is when she had to recover from a divorce due to an abusive relationship, become a single mother, she returned to college to attain her degrees while working full-time, lost both parents….the work she did was a transformation & life-changing . . . but, it did not come easily.

She is passionate about working with women, children, & families. After being inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences, she realized her journey was indeed her destination and call to work with others. 

She is married to Darryl A. Golden together they are a blended family.

Bottom line….She is resourceful & passionate about supporting people.